“Seize The Day! “Experience the elegance, ambiance, tradition and history of the world’s most grand locations and hotels.

You will be swept away by Jantiena Fieyra with her graceful sophistication as she welcomes you along on these fantastic journeys throughout Europe, America and the world.

Jantiena Fieyra, the graceful host of Carpe Diem TV, is of Dutch descent and is multilingual.

Having received her business education in Europe as well as in the USA, Jantiena has flourished with years of international public relations and marketing experience and is the Co-Founder of “International Consultants Organization” and Founder of CarpeDiemWorldwideMedia.com.

Throughout the years, Jantiena has developed many alliances worldwide with presidents, ambassadors, top military officials, celebrities and executives.

Carpe Diem is a half hour travel-lifestyle magazine show featuring Jantiena as the host, a native of the Netherlands, France and the USA.

Join Jantiena as she travels to the world’s most elegant and desired locations, from hotels to restaurants to spas and wineries: meeting interesting and successful people!

And with every journey, Jantiena graciously treats her audiences to a lifestyle of enlightening grandeur and elegance communicating how beautiful life is!


I would like to give special thanks to Simon Wilkinson for his music, which can be found at http://www.thebluemask.com/.

Also special thanks to Mr. David Seys, award-winning British voice-over talent whose voice has so luxuriously embraced the heart and soul of Carpe Diem TV in my new commercial! David Seys can be found at http://www.britishvoice.tv.

There are many others not mentioned here to whom I have so much appreciation for and to all of you thank you so much!

Title “The Big Day” composed and performed by Jack Waldenmair, Music Bakery Publishing (BMI) and whose many other titles are used throughout my shows.

Additional thanks:

  • Max de Ponti and crew, Olo Creative Farm S.r.l, Como, Italy
  • Andrea Sivini, Italy
  • Enzo Iannaccone and crew, Italy
  • Andrea Magnola and crew, Florence, Italy
  • Mark Withers, Big Brush Films, England