Carpe Diem TV with Jantiena Fieyra | Naples Illustrated

As published above in Naples Illustrated:

Dutch native and Bonita Springs resident Jantiena Fieyra (right) has a passion for sharing singular experiences. Known locally as the creator, producer and host of travel show Carpe Diem TV, Fieyra is now working on a new series titled Royalty and Nobility with Jantiena Fieyra, which will showcase royal families in Europe. Her curiosity was ignited by the news this year that Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands would abdicate in favor of her son Willem-Alexander. She hopped on a plane to Europe with the goal of digging up the nitty-gritty of royal families.

As recently as last year, Fox 4 and cable channel My TV 8 aired Fieyra’s Carpe Diem TV episodes, which documented her travels to some of Europe’s most elegant destinations. She explored St. Moritz for “white-turf” horseracing in the snow, visited Florence to showcase the Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella (one of the world’s oldest makers of fragrances) and crisscrossed Milan, London and Paris for Fashion Week. Fieyra is working with a distributor to pitch her new series to networks in the United States and abroad; she expects it to air sometime next year.

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