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New Videos!We have just loaded up onto Jantiena’s you tube channel many new videos! We are airing a new program that features the lovely Hotel Brunelleschi in beautiful Florence, Italy.

You can see some of them on Jantiena’s website, but you can surely check them all out on Jantiena’s you tube channel jfieyra!


Was Jantiena There?


Jantiena Fieyra has been spotted in Portugal! And rumor has it that she may be planning another surprise program! Stay Tuned!


Could it Be?


Yes, it is true. Carpe Diem TV has been expanding so much that very soon we will be expanding our television broadcasts to a single national airing.

Right now Carpe Diem TV is aired in several regional markets throughout the US and is receiving rave success from its viewers. And they are asking for more and more! So stay tuned, we will keep you updated and we thank you for your support!

Coming Programs!Earlier this year we filmed at the luxurious resort town Saint Moritz, Switzerland. It is an absolutely stunning location.

We were there to shoot the Saint Moritz World Polo Cup on Snow event! Believe it or not they play championship polo on the frozen lake there!

We are so excited about this program that we have expanded to do more on the subject of polo before we release this program and we are now doing a shoot at the International Cartier Day in Egham, England! It is the largest polo spectator event in the world!

Just to give you an idea, we have just released a little 30 second teaser about the polo event in Saint Moritz. See the video at jfieyra or go to the Saint Moritz page!


Hotel Brunelleschi


We would llike to thank the Hotel Brunelleschi for extending a great travel discount to all Carpe Diem TV.com viewers.

All you have to do is go to www.brunelleschihotelflorence.com and when booking your reservation go to the Special Code box and enter “Jantiena2011”.


Be sure to capitalize the “J” and be sure to enjoy your stay!

One thought on “Fans

  • July 8, 2014 at 4:00 am

    Dear Jantiena. We met on the Ambassadors party in Den haag. (Customs rep.)
    Nice but short meeting. I had a look on your website and must say it looks very good. Nice stories and hotels etc. There should be some more exciting trips not just luxury hotels. The one on Polo is OK.
    But like train trips, Africa lodges, Safaris, Balloon and helicopter rides. Things the rich and young like but also cruises.
    Interesting trips in Amsterdam.
    Need help? let me know.
    Kind regards
    Harry Griffioen


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