Jantiena Fieyra is the host of the popular new travel-lifestyle magazine TV program where she travels the world “…to bring Europe to the USA and the USA to Europe.”

In this unforgettable episode of a serios of programs on Trieste, Italy, Jantiena brings to life a new meaning of the saying “seeing is believing” as she takes her audience on a tour of the Edi Kante wine cellar that is buried deep into the limestone hills of northern Italy.


Located in the most northeastern area of Italy lies one of the most captivating and exquisite wine regions in all of Italy: the Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

It is a ruggedly expansive land of limestone that borders the country of Austria to the north and Slovenia to the east.

And overlooking this land towards the south is the Gulf of Trieste imperceptibly mingling itself with the Adriatic Sea.

It is here along the coastline that the land rises out of the sea transforming itself into rugged limestone cliffs: the Karst (italian: Carso) plateau in a divisive union between this unique grape-bearing land and the Adriatic Sea.

Rugged lands they are, for the winter months unleash the legendary Bora (northern to north-eastern strong winds) across these limestone heights rushing down into the city of Trieste in a range of gusts that commonly reach 120 – 200 km/hr.

But as rugged as this territory may be, amazingly enough, it is the region where one finds some of the most exquisite wine producers in the world.

One such winery is that of Edi Kante who thirty years ago had the dream to produce the finest wine that these lands could possibly offer – and to build the most ideal wine cellar, like a Carso cave, deep within the limestone.

Today, Edi Kante has well surpassed that dream of an ideal wine cellar having built one with such technical proficiency that it is actually three different cellars, with three different temperatures, three different humidities and all containing the ideal conditions for the wines to be aged and mature in a natural condition. That translates to 18 meters below the surface of the earth in solid limestone with walls cold like a refigerator housing 70,000 bottles.

But that’s not all, for the bottle is as unique as the wine itself. Edi Kante, artist extraordinaire, personally puts his own artistic hand to work on each and every new edition of wine he produces by painting a unique piece of art for every new label; the original paintings of course still found sitting in the deep cold cellars, naturally preserved forever.

And nowhere would one find a more gracious man, as he demonstrates his success with the tasting of his wine with Jantiena Fieyra as they tour his magical, underground Carso kingdom.


A fantastic tour with Edi Kante of his winery in northeastern Italy with Jantiena Fieyra, host of Carpe Diem TV.

Edi Kante giving a tour with Jantiena Fieyra of his winery and wine cellars, 18 feet underground.

Deep in one of the cellars of the Kante winery in the limestone Carso region near Trieste, Italy, Edi Kante explains how his wines are uniquely aged.

Edi Kante stands in front of one his original paintings that he uses for his wine label. He hopes that people will interpret their own meanings with his work of art.

Edi Kante and Jantiena Fieyra sampling some fresh Kante wine deep in the Kante undergound cellar.

Edi Kante displays one of his bottles of wine with his unique painting as a label.

Edi Kante showing his style and flair with a most unconventional way to open a bottle of Kante champagne.

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