Jantiena Fieyra is the host of the popular new travel-lifestyle magazine TV program where she travels the world “…to bring Europe to the USA and the USA to Europe.”

Jantiena Fieyra takes a trip to one of the most northeastern regions of Italy to the coastal city of Trieste; and here in this city is the Starhotel’s beautifully restored Savoia Excelsior Palace Hotel that dates back to the Austro-Hungarian Empire and a must for any fashionable traveler to enjoy!


Trieste, Italy is a town of culture and history the likes of which just cannot be found in the Western world. It has also been the haunt of many intellectuals and authors in history such as James Joyce and Italo Svevo.

The central point of Trieste is the Piazza Unità d’Italia (Unity of Italy Square) right on the water’s edge of the Gulf of Trieste and situated just off this piazza is the Starhotel’s newly renovated jewel: the Savoia Excelsior Palace Hotel.

Originally designed by the Austrian architect Ladislaus Fiedler and built in 1911, this beautiful building is a perfect example of the early 20th century Mitteleuropean architectural style found throughout most of Trieste. (“Mitteleuropean” being from germanic origin referring to Central Europe.)

The hotel quickly became the model for other hotels to follow. Throughout history its guests have included aristocrats, artists, diplomats and the tourist elite.

One such visitor who was a frequent guest was the Emperor Franz Josef (Emperor of Austria, King of Bohemia and Apostolic King of Hungary from 1848-1916). His private apartment and bathroom, masterpieces of interior design, are preserved intact.

Starhotels engaged in a massive 2-year renovations project to preserve and modernize the entire hotel and all of its 142 rooms including 36 suites, 18 of which have cooking facilities for longer stays.

The hotel is centrally located and just a few steps away from the well known Verdi Theatre and fashionable shopping areas of the city — and not too far away are the historic coffee houses like the CaffèTommaseo and San Marco which have been intellectual hangouts for decades.

The Starhotel’s Savoia Excelsior Palace Hotel is a building of historical importance with the characteristics of a national monument in an extraordinary location with all the modern amenities.

As part of Jantiena’s series of programs on the city of Trieste, Italy, Jantiena takes you on a stunning visual tour of the remarkable Savoia Excelsior Palace Hotel




Savoia Excelsior Palace Hotel at sunset on the Gulf of Trieste, Italy.

Jantiena Fieyra arriving to the Savoia Excelsior Palace Hotel in Trieste, Italy on the Gulf of Trieste.

Jantiena Fieyra on a tour of the Star Hotel’s fully restored Savoia Excelsior Palace Hotel in Trieste, Italy with the Public Relations Manager, Mirella Bellantone.

Adjacent to the main lobby, the lounge area is beautifully decorated and is now covered with a ceiling skylight.

Looking from the center of Trieste, Italy, this is the coastal limestone plateau region of northeastern Italy known as the Carso Plateau. In the distance on the promontory is the Castle of Duino. This is a fertile region for the growing of the Vitovska Grganja grape and thus the Vitovska wine is a typical wine of this region.

The beautifully restored central lobby of the Savoia Excelsior Palace Hotel in Trieste, Italy.

Jantiena with Mr. Enrico Milani, the General Manager of the Savoia Excelsior Palace Hotel in Trieste, Italy.

The Savoia Excelsior Palace Hotel is a classic example of Mitteleuropean, or Central European architecture and was designed by Ladislaus Fiedler in 1911 and frequented by the Austrian Emporer Franz Joseph.

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