Jantiena Fieyra is the host of the popular new travel-lifestyle magazine TV program where she travels the world “…to bring Europe to the USA and the USA to Europe.”

In this exciting segment of Jantiena’s series of programs on Trieste, Italy, Jantiena takes a special behind-the-scenes tour of the Antica Trattoria Suban with Mr. Mario Suban himself.


Romantically nestled on the corner of the winding hilly street known as Via Comici, sits one of the most unique restaurants in all of Italy known as the Antica Trattoria Suban, or as one might translate into English: the Ancient Tavern of Suban.

Originally founded in 1865 by Giovanni Suban after winning the royal lottery in Vienna, today the Antica Trattoria Suban has steadily grown in stature and reputation under the skillful direction by the pater familias, Mario Suban; fourth generation of the same family.

It is a restaurant of simple Italian elegance with a dedicated staff and proud cuisine; often with Mario Suban at your tableside, speaking fluently several languages, taking your orders from its lengthy and elegant central European cuisine with local and modern influences.

And it is here that you may sample the most exquisite local wines; and experience such wonderful dishes as Truffle Foundue, Veal Shank, Ham in Pastry or Risotto alle Erbe Carso -which is a Risotto with herbs from the local Carso area, a unique high plain built mainly of limestone.

With Mario Suban’s leadership since the 1950s, the Antica Trattoria Suban’s fame has far exceeded the boundaries of Italy, whether involving itself with international culinary reviews, or becoming a cherished gastronomical retreat for peoples of all walks of life such as the national soccer team, the Pope, Italian presidents, Nobel Prize winners or world champion boxers.

And now, through Jantiena’s program, you yourself will be able to experience a special visit into the heart of the Suban, managed by Mario’s lovely daughter Federica, with always the careful attention of Mario himself not too far away.

Be prepared to experience some of the most fabulous dishes you will ever hope to find, unique to the Suban and the area of Trieste; presented by none other than Mr. Mario Suban himself!




Jantiena tours the Antica Trattoria Suban in Trieste, Italy with Mr. Mario Suban himself who then prepares a sampling of the various local dishes for Jantiena Fieyra.

The Antica Trattoria Suban has been a family owned and run restaurant in Trieste, Italy since 1865 and is one of the finest in all of Italy.

The dining atmosphere is elegant but simple with European tradition. Guests can watch from the dining room through the window, the chefs at work preparing their unforgettable meals.

Mr. Mario Suban giving Jantiena a tour of the Antica Trattoria Suban.

Jantiena meets Mr. Mario Suban’s lovely daughter, Federica, who manages and runs the kitchen. Federica is giving Jantiena a tour of the kitchen and is showing her how ham is specially prepared in Trieste with a breaded outer covering that is specially seasoned.

The kitchern of the Antica Trattoria Suban is professionally staffed and run; preparing the local traditional foods in the unique style of the Suban as it has been doing since 1865.
Here, Federica is showing Jantiena how one of their specialties, Palacinke, is prepared.

Mr. Suban has prepared their special dish, Palacinke alla Mandriera, for Jantiena to taste….and she loved it!

Mr. Mario Suban is preparing a sampling of ham that is cooked in bread with special seasonings and which is typical of Trieste.
Mr. Suban is holding fresh horseradish in his hand.

Among the many celebrities and VIPs that Mr. Mario Suban has served in his restaurant includes Italian President Oscar Luigi Scalfaro.

Mr. Mario Suban with Pope Giovanni Paolo II (Pope John Paul II) at the Antica Trattoria Suban for which a special dish, Palacinke alla Mandriera was created.

Jantiena Fieyra and Mario Suban enjoying a moment together at the end of the tour.

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