Jantiena Fieyra is the host of the popular new travel-lifestyle magazine TV program where she travels the world “…to bring Europe to the USA and the USA to Europe.”

Jantiena Fieyra takes her audience into the Trieste Carso region to the Zidarich winery and gets a personal tour of his winery and cellar by the master himself: Benjamin Zidarich


Imagine taking just a few steps from your door to find yourself overlooking a vast but gently rolling landscape majestically towering above a heavenly-colored blue-green sea and then notice off in the distance a 900 year old castle of the most perfect complementary color of yelllow – you might just pinch yourself thinking you are sound asleep in some dream of fantasy.

But if after the first pinch you do not wake up, then consider that you might have actually found yourself near Prepotto, a small Italian village in the area of Duino-Aurisina near the city of Trieste in the heart of Karst, a land of red soil and limestone, overlooking the Gulf of Trieste; and out in the distance there is indeed a marvelously yellow castle – the Castle of Duino.

This is the land of the Vitovksa or the Vitouska or the Vitovska Grganja – an Italian and Slovene wine grape predominately planted in this region producing a dry white wine.

It is here that Benjamin Zidarich forged a winery out of the simple philosophy to have a strong connection with the territory and a great passion for vine growing that this unique winery has produced some of the most stunning wines to ever entice man’s palette.

So strong is his passion that the Zidarich label on every bottle incorporates this mission with each part of the logo representing something of importance from the region: the Carso, the stone, the rows of grapes, the vineyards, the horseshoe of good luck and the wind of the region called Bora.

Established in 1988 and now producing 20,000 bottles of wine a year, this is truly one of the most unique wineries you will ever come across. In this program with Jantiena Fieyra, Benjamin Zidarich meets with Jantiena and takes her on a tour of the amazing facilities of the Zidarich winery and then, together, the two of them taste a perfectly aged glass of Vitovska wine!




Benjamin Zidarich giving Jantiena Fieyra a tour of his underground wine cellars.

Stairway leading down into Zidarich’s underground wine cellar.

Zidarich Vitovska 2006 aging in the Zidarich cellar.

One of the underground cavernous cellar rooms with the wine aging at the proper temperature and humidity.

Jantiena tasting a fresh glass of Vitovska wine with Benjamin Zidarich.

Benjamin Zidarich showing his logo on a bottle of Zidarich Vitovska 2007.

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