R5135_RS-28 Cellular Rejuvenation Eye Serum_CMYKBehind the name Swiss Perfection are unique products based on exclusive technology as well as an extraordinary human adventure. The name has also become synonymous of advanced technology, Swiss quality and a never-ending quest for excellence. For Gregor Mattli, chairman of Swiss Perfection, these values are the foundations of the company:

When my father created and developed the first brand of cellular cosmetic products based on animal cells, I was deeply impressed by his pioneering spirit and his determination. This is why I decided to walk in his steps.

I grew up in an environment where the quest for beauty and health played an essential role. From this environment rose the idea of creating my own cosmetic line. As I felt the mentalities were evolving, including mine, establishing the use of certain ingredients as controversial, it was natural for me to turn our researches towards vegetal cells.

Swiss Perfection products are based on continuous research in cellular technology in order to always provide the most advanced solutions in Anti-Aging and exclusive skin care. All Swiss Perfection’s formulas contain our best kept secret Cellular Active IRISA® and are carefully designed until they reach perfection. In addition, I am strongly attached to the Swiss Alps and I am proud that Swiss Perfection manufactures its products in Switzerland using Cellular Active IRISA®, pure water from this beautiful area as well as a range of Alpine plants whose benefits for the skin have been proven to our demanding clientele.

In turn, we only work with the best beauty and spa professionals to make sure our standards of quality, excellence and exclusivity are met. It is essential to us that the Spas we work with reflect our exclusive universe and that they offer the most professional service and a global Swiss Perfection experience to their guests.

A family behind the brand

In a world where brands have become names owned by huge faceless multinational groups with endless brand portfolios, Swiss Perfection has managed to stay a human brand with real values and a heritage behind the name.

The adventure started with Armin Mattli, a well-known philanthropist and firm believer in the multiple benefits of Cellular Technology, who funded Cellular Research and achieved worldwide recognized results. His team of world renowned scientists revolutionized Cellular Therapy at his famous Anti-Aging Clinique in Montreux, Switzerland. Simultaneously his team developed the first Cellular Cosmetic Line in the world.

Gregor Mattli, his son, inherited his pioneering spirit and relentlessly sought to perfect the findings of his father in the field of Cellular Cosmetics. During the quest for the perfect cell, a general ideological change directed the focus of his team on plant cells. Worldwide research finally led to a discovery in close proximity to Montreux where the original quest had started, a cell with superior potency and Anti-Aging effect was revealed in the root of the Iris Germanica.

This scientific breakthrough completed the second cycle of revolutionary products from this family of Cellular Pioneers and gave birth to the perfect vegetal Cellular Cosmetic Line: Swiss Perfection with Cellular Active IRISA®.

Despite the international success of Swiss Perfection, the company has always kept the human at the center and the Mattli Family as its heart and soul.

Cellular technology and Cellular Active IRISA®

R5216_SetCellular technology has found a way to preserve the cells integrity, so that all their benefits are preserved and delivered directly to the skin. Gregor Mattli’s visionary genius was to look for an alternative to animal cells in cellular therapy in the vegetal world. The discovery of a vegetal that could show similar rejuvenating virtues as animal cells was a real challenge.

During several years his international team of scientists realized uncountable trials. They tested all possible vegetables and plants but without success. They were about to give up when one of the scientists looked through his window. It was a beautiful spring day and the first flowers were blooming. He was amazed how the iris flowers were stronger and more numerous each years, despites the polar temperatures of the previous winter. Suddenly he realized the tremendous regeneration potential of this plant and decided to test it.

The results were far above all his expectations as the cells of the iris root showed superior properties to animal cells. In addition, their nature made them compatible with most cells types. From these findings his team has developed Cellular Active IRISA® and the brand Swiss Perfection. Because of its multi-dimensional benefits this compound has been included in all of the brand’s products. Cellular Active IRISA® contains intact active cells whose high energetic and revitalizing virtues are activated once in contact with the skin. This powerful active, whose groundbreaking formula has been kept secret, is exclusively produced in the Swiss Alps area by Swiss Perfection.

Cellular Active IRISA® is composed of a high concentration of enzymes and proteins. It has the proven capacity of reducing the skin cells DNA degradation. It also protects the collagen in the skin. Finally, it has excellent anti-oxidant properties. It therefore has a tremendous potential in protecting the cells against the damages caused by free radicals. The cells are protected against premature aging.

From the first application, the results are visible. Cellular Active IRISA® deeply rejuvenates the skin and boosts its regeneration. It also brings an optimal hydration to the skin and improves the epidermis’s metabolism. The complexion is glowing, the skin is rejuvenated and has never looked healthier.

Swiss Quality and International Excellence

Based on Cellular Active IRISA®, all Swiss Perfection products are produced in Switzerland with only first quality ingredients and under the highest quality standards. Before reaching the markets, they go through a panel of very strict quality controls.

The success grew very quickly and the brand is now distributed in very demanding markets. Swiss Perfection has developed extremely high quality standards, applied to the products and the packaging.

The formulas are developed with an extreme care. Their textures, their properties and their benefits are worked on and adjusted until they reach perfection. In addition, Swiss Perfection face care products are naturally fragranced and do not contain mineral oils, parabens, alcohol or artificial colorings.

Swiss Perfection is the exclusive skin range used at the Clinique La Prairie Spa. Learn more about Clinique La Prairie Spa at http://www.laprairie.ch.

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