Tschuggen Grand Hotel Arosa, SwitzerlandArosa, 20 July 2015 (CD) – This summer, guests at the Tschuggen Grand Hotel can look forward to Arosa yoghurt balm ice cream, rosemary honey syrup, home-made herb tea, herb menus and herb biscuits. During the summer months chervil, thyme, mint, lavender and all their friends from award-winning chef Tobias Jochim’s herb garden will be gathered and transformed into creative drinks, appetisers and menus.

Pure nature 1,800 metres above sea level in the mountains around Arosa. And alongside the lush green of the meadows, the herb garden at the Tschuggen Grand Hotel is given particular attention. The essences and flavours it produces are now brought indoors where they are used to make delicious herb teas, refreshing cordials and herb menus while also being incorporated into the hotel decoration.

Home-made teas are served in the spa lobby boasting calming, invigorating or detoxifying properties. The Swiss Alpine Cottage package offers guests an ideal means of rounding off their stay. In the “Muscida” spa suite, a spruce needle scent wafts through the sauna while tired bodies can relax in the steam bath with a camomile and thyme oil-salt scrub (reservations for two hours for two people for 330 Swiss francs (approx. 315 euros)).

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