PDPHBA - Facade 3Palacio Duhau-Park Hyatt Buenos Aires, located in the fashionable Recoleta shopping and residential district on Avenida Alvear, combines a restored Palace with the new Posadas building, which was built in architectural harmony with the palace. The hotel seamlessly integrates Buenos Aires’ legendary glamour with 21st century innovative design and state-of-the-art technology. The Palace has all the features of an authentic “Hotel Particulier”, the most outstanding of which is the main entrance porch with its Imperial semi-covered stairs and the double high column rows. Classic materials, natural light, neutral and warm colours, and detailed iron work instantly identify the “belle époque” glamour of the palace and are reminders of the building’s residential character.

The handsomely restored Palacio Duhau itself, built in 1934 by French architect León Dourge, is one of the few remaining palaces representing the city’s traditional and exclusive “Porteña” aristocracy (the Duhau family was its original occupant). In contrast, the new, contemporary Posadas building reflects the future of Buenos Aires. An underground walkway and gallery showcasing international and local artists, and expansive private gardens connect the two buildings. The gardens cover more than half of the 4,400 square metres (47,300 square feet) of the land occupied by the hotel.
The property is surrounded by neoclassical architecture and exclusive designer boutiques. The hotel block is made up of three historically important buildings: the Fernández Anchorena Palace (1909), actually “Nunciatura”, where the representative of the Vatican resides in Argentina; the “Palacio Duhau” (1934); and the “Maguire Residence” (1890), all featuring beautiful gardens in the rear of the properties.

Accommodation includes 165 guestrooms, including 39 suites, including the 160-square-metre (1,800-square-foot) Duhau Suite, with stunning views of the city from a wrap-around balcony. This exclusive suite offers a private pantry that allows discreet and immediate service, while an exclusive 80- square-metre (861-square-foot) balcony with a magnificent view wraps around this spacious apartment, which is beautifully decorated with contemporary dark wood furniture, blue silk curtains, crystal chandeliers and antique details.

Oak Bar 2The hotel is home to an impressive collection of art and an underground gallery called “Paseo de las Artes”, showcasing such renowned contemporary artists as Raúl Farco, Hernán Dompé, Kirin, Guillermo Roux, Líbero Badi and Rómulo Macció. Curators selected artwork for the hotel’s public areas that expresses the vitality, personality and culture of the city, and the cultural profile of the hotel. A permanent collection of original fine art enriches the hotel’s contemporary decor and includes “La Ronda” by Guillermo Roux, “Menina” by the famous Manolo Valdés, “Saut d’Obstacle”, an exquisite bronze by Jean Louis Toutain, “Torso” by Spanish artist Guerrero Medina, black-and-white photographs by Horacio Rosel, drawings by J. Janco, acrylics by Juan Lecuona, watercolours by Luis Benedit, and artwork by Brazilian artist Miriam Rigout and Argentinian Hernán Dompé.

In a chaotic world, Palacio Duhau – Park Hyatt Buenos Aires offers a “Paradise Found” – a magnificent garden providing an elegant sanctuary in the middle of the city. The city’s original landscape was informed by the La Plata River and “La Barranca”, which linked the river to the colonial city. With time, the river receded and the hill remained as a witness to history.

The garden of the Palacio Duhau was recreated over one of the city’s few remaining hills and offers al fresco seating in the shade of the stunning trees that are more than a century old. The garden stretches from the Palace and descends down to the Posadas building by way of elegant staircases framed with French roses.

Other amenities include AHIN Wellness & Spa, Duhau Restaurante & Vinoteca, Gioia Restaurant & Terraces, Piano Nobile Salons, The Oak Bar, meeting space and a very well equipped business centre.

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