The holiday season has always been a special time at the Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon and 2015 is no different.

LIS_866_250x348Christmas Eve Dinner at Varanda Restaurant
The classic Christmas Eve Dinner on December 24, which will take place in the Hotel’s sophisticated Varanda Restaurant, will include creative gourmet selections such as seared duck foie gras, roasted blue lobster with black truffles, the traditional codfish – confit with sweet garlic, brandade and clam crystalline – and a delicious braised venison filet with juniper berries. For dessert, Pastry Chef Fabian Nguyen has created exquisite red fruit and hibiscus spheres with fleur de sel and gianduja crispy with yuzu sorbet.

Christmas Day Brunch
Friends and family will feel at home in the Hotel’s Grand Ballroom for a sumptuous Christmas Day Buffet Brunch, which will feature a host of different dining options, from salads and casseroles to sushi and seafood stations, with roasted suckling pig, orange sauce and lavender; turbot snacké with crab broth and walnut; and a 12-hour veal confit with chestnuts and girolle mushrooms being some of the highlights of the meat and fish sections. For dessert, traditional egg pastries, Portuguese bolo-rei and French toast are there to please the sweet tooth.

New Year’s Eve Dinner & Dance Party
Join Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon in welcoming the New Year with a delectable New Year’s Eve Dinner, which features an exclusive menu prepared by Executive Chef Pascal Meynard. The exquisite New Year’s Eve dinner includes sea urchin, topinambur and coffee emulsion; roasted wild seabass with girolles mushrooms and buntan Irado, “Black River Pearl “ ossetra caviar, asparagus and watercress emulsion; roasted veal loin with black truffles, foie gras and caramelised pumpkin, smoked salsify; and a sweet, sweet São Tomé chocolate, clementine confit, cocoa and chili crumble and combava ice cream for dessert.

New Year’s Day Brunch
Finally, to start the New Year in grand style, the Hotel’s Ballroom will host the classic New Year’s Day Buffet, which will feature a unique selection of different types of food, such as pleurotes, portobello and truffle salad; prawn ceviche, red onion and passion fruit; oysters, lobster, prawns, crab and mussels, sushi and sashimi; stone bass with lemon and dill sauce; Portuguese beef medallion with artichokes and pleurotes mushrooms; or a sea bass cataplana.

LIS_888_aspect4x5“All the World’s a Stage” – a guerilla dining experience for Thanksgiving
This November, Guerilla Dining by Silver.Spoon invites members and Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon clients to a throwback reenactment of decadent Thanksgiving celebrations of eras past. As the night unfolds, the participants’ roles and their interactions determine the dynamics of the experience much as the dictation of social norms directed the flow of past gatherings. All the World’s a Stage, in reference to Shakespeare’s play, is a reflection of the orchestrated nature of society and our places within it.

As in the more glamorous days of social celebrations, guests will be asked to suit up in their Sunday best and join fellow partygoers “on stage,” to revel in the excess of this traditional, food-focused celebration. The table will be laden with rich offerings of the autumn harvest and the air full of hearty holiday glee. As part of a new format to stretch the legs and ease the strain of full bellies, guests can retire to a post-dinner lounge for a nightcap (or two) as the evening drifts away.

BEV_602_aspect16x9Signature Four-Hand Massage
Over the last couple of years, the Ritz Spa has welcomed therapists from other Four Seasons hotels and resorts to Lisbon in a unique initiative in the city that aims to bring Lisboners some of the world’s most exotic treatments.

“Inspired by the techniques that were used by these therapists, the Ritz Spa created a new signature four-hand massage called Symphony,” explains Catarina Pereira, Head Therapist at the Ritz Spa. “This means that it will be not one, but two therapists participating in this full-body massage, using symmetrical and synchronised movements, as if it were truly a symphony.”

Applying slow, long movements inspired by traditional Balinese techniques used by the therapists from both Four Seasons Bali and Maldives, who recently graced the Ritz Spa with their art, the massage is done in opposite directions. A therapist slides upwards, another slides downwards. While one works on the left leg, the other works on the right arm, forming an X. When they switch, it’s almost like a dance – a movement inspired by the therapists from Four Seasons Punta Mita, Mexico, who also visited Lisbon.

Experience a moment of pure indulgence by having a genuine synchronised four hands massage, where one can immerse in complete relaxation. This unique signature treatment will leave the body feeling soothed and tranquil, while it will restore and balance the mind.

LIS_855_aspect16x9Delicate White Alba Truffle Menu
November is one of the most anticipated times of year in the calendar of any foodie as it brings the arrival of white truffle season. The famed Alba white truffle, called “diamond of the kitchen” by Brillat-Savarin, becomes the star this November at Varanda Restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon, the place to meet and greet in the heart of the city.

This noble fungus, one of the rarest and most expensive ingredients in modern cuisine, is held in high esteem on account of its rarity, brief seasonal appearance and truly distinctive flavour and aroma.

Indigenous to the area of Piedmont in northern Italy, the subterranean ingredient is born at a depth of 20-40 centimetres (8-12 inches), next to the roots of oak trees, and its harvest is done by hand by trained professionals using dogs or pigs to locate them by scent.

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