1. Try to get enough rest and sleep several days before a big trip. Be aware that you have time
differences between many countries.

2. Do research about the countries you are going to visit on topics such as types of money used, holidays, food, or
do you need a visa etc.

3. Look for hotels or inns or taverns in advance. You can find everything on hotel websites. For
5 star Hotels and luxury destinations see my website CarpeDiemTV.com.

4. Finance: let your bank know you are going to travel abroad. Travelers Cheques from
American Express is always safe. Take at least two credit cards and some petty cash with
you. And in almost every country, there are ATM machines.

5. Restaurants: Look around to see where the locals eat. The tips are not 20% – like in the USA. But
YES you also tip in Europe and other countries. 10% is recommended.

6. Travel light. Don’t take more than one suitcase and one bag with you. Most airlines charge for
your luggage. When you buy an airline ticket, ask in advance how many luggage pieces you
are allowed to check without paying extra fees. Business class and first class have
different regulations on luggage.

7. Don’t take any creams, oils, or too much make-up with you. The famous brands such as L’Oréal
CoverGirl, MAC, can be bought everywhere worldwide.

8. Be relaxed and enjoy every moment of your trip – even when everything is not going
smoothly. Stay positive and happy!

9. Look around to see and experience your environment. Don’t use your iPad or iPhone or
computer too much.

10. Make a pleasant schedule with not too much scheduled for one day. After a trip, you will be tired. It is not
possible to see everything in one week. Select and enjoy your breakfast, your lunches
your dinners. Walk around in the city or village you visit and taste the atmosphere. When
you need a taxi, asked the concierge of your hotel.

Have a wonderful time!
Jantiena Fieyra


Jantiena Fieyra is the founder of CarpeDiemTV.com and CarpeDiemWorldwideMedia.com, Executive TV Producer, travel and lifestyle authority for Europe, USA and worldwide.

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